Lycette Care’s Mental Health Services


Alternatives to Care providers in North Devon

Lycette Care is one of the two providers in North Devon who have been selected to provide the Alternatives to Care service.

The Alternatives to Care service delivers a needs-led, recovery focused service with accommodation for people with complex mental health needs. We offer a range of support structures, all based around the needs of the service user.

The service provides an alternative to residential and inpatient care by delivering high and intensive levels of support to people on a short-term and variable basis, dependent upon their individual needs and their ability to acquire and maintain independent living skills and the confidence to be able to manage their mental well-being.

The service is based on the Recovery Model and as such is user led.

The key objectives for this service are as follows:

  • to deliver a needs-led accommodation based recovery service which will offer high and intensive levels of support for people with complex and enduring mental health needs
  • to support people with complex and enduring mental health needs in the development of self-management strategies to achieve mental well being
  • to enable people to develop everyday living skills
  • to enable people to take on a meaningful and satisfying role in their community
  • to support the use and implementation of recovery self-management plans such as the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for each person
  • to monitor and positively manage risk regarding the mental wellbeing of people using the service
  • to provide a streamlined and simplified pathway to independent living]
  • to assist people who use the service to gain and to sustain a tenancy and to achieve greater independence and integration
  • to work to recovery focused outcomes
  • to deliver the service within a quality environment which is suitable for developing independence